A significant aid to our patients is convenient access to a range of diagnostic and paramedical services including pathology, physiotherapy, dentistry, optometry and a range of other specialist services.  X-rays are available in  nearby Everton Park and blood tests immediately next to the medical centre throughout the week, as well as on Saturday mornings.

Standard appointments are usually 10 to 15 minutes. Please request extended time for complex and more thorough examinations, such as annual health checks, well woman examinations, psychological counselling as well as musculoskeletal or surgical procedures.

Our receptionists are trained to enquire as to the nature of the consultation when making appointments. This helps keep your waiting time to a minimum. Patients themselves can greatly assist by keeping their consultation within the allotted time as unplanned long consultations are the major cause of prolonged waiting times. N.B.* If the normal consultation time exceeds 20 minutes, then higher fees will be charged. 

Special appointment times are reserved for acute problems and these are only allocated at the outset of each session time. Emergency consultations are always given first priority, so try to be patient if there is any delay.

Maintaining continuity with the individual doctor of your choice provides the best medical care. If it is not possible to see your usual doctor then please feel free to see the alternative doctors in this practice as all clinical notes are fully available and continuity of care is maintained. . Major reviews of on-going medical conditions should be done by your usual doctor.

Please note:-New adult patients to the practice will usually be required to book a long consultation appointment for their first visit in order to fully inform the doctors of any past medical history and to allow a complete preventive health assessment.  This initial visit is billed directly to Medicare. Medico-legal requirements compel us to refrain from offering “quick” visits on previously unknown individuals as this is generally regarded as substandard medicine.

This practice strongly encourages childhood vaccinations 

All childhood vaccinations on the National Immunisation Program are provided free of charge. All associated consultations are routinely bulk billed (all doctors)

· Hepatitis B Vaccines are available at age 13 if missed at school

· Whooping cough vaccine at age 15 if missed at school

· HPV vaccine is available privately for all women from 13 to 45years.

· Influenza and Pneumococcal vaccines are free for over 65 year olds as well as individuals “at risk” e.g. Diabetes.

· Pneumonia vaccine is free for most indigenous patients.

The practice stocks a wide range of travel vaccines that are provided at near cost for the benefit of our patients.

Referrals to specialists will not usually be provided without a prior consultation.Consultations regarding referrals are always preferred so that your general practitioners are able to advise you about the appropriateness of specialist advice and to ensure that all courses of action are considered. Valuable information for the specialist is able to be summarised at the time. 

Backdated referrals will not be provided.

In cases of acute need, repeat prescriptions are available without an appointment. No prescription can be issued unless a consultation has occurred within the three months prior to the request.  For non urgent prescriptions, 24 hours notice is required for their preparation. Patients are urged to attend their usual doctor for a full consultation where possible. There is a $10 charge for all patients for prescriptions if the doctor is not consulted.