Policies and Appointments


The guiding philosophy of this practice is to encourage and develop a clinical approach that is oriented towards preventative care and self management. At the same time, we aim to offer best practice advice and care for acute medical problems in all age groups. Fast broadband access allows rapid transfer of results and radiology imaging as well as using the internet as an educational resource. There are areas of special care provided such as Musculoskeletal Medicine, Antenatal care and Women's Health.

Because of our Queensland location, skin care is a high priority. Yearly skin examinations for adults are encouraged.  We have high quality Dermatoscopes and MOLEMATE imaging equipment to  assess and treat abnormal skin spots. Most importantly, we offer trained  and experienced eyes. Removal of skin cancers and suspicious moles is provided at affordable rates by experienced hands. 

For acute illness requiring after-hours care, the practice has formally engaged the doctors from Family Care Medical Service. This service provides for care in your own home at any hour, day or night, removing the need to search for a strange and unfamiliar surgery.  Medical attention from the service is currently free(bulk-billed) for pensioners and health cardholders as well as for members of the Family Care Friendly Society.  This society is inexpensive to join and is well worthwhile for families.  Ask the receptionist for an application form.  For special problems, Dr Hearnden is usually available for advice by contacting the surgery or the Family Care Service and the staff will contact him regarding the issue.

All after hours telephone calls to the surgery will be automatically diverted to Family Care, or else you can call the service on 3831 9999. A trained nursing professional will answer your call.

For regular patients of the Practice who are too ill or frail to attend the surgery, home visits are provided.  In acute and emergency cases, visits are performed as soon as is practicable and, where possible, arranged directly with the doctor concerned.  For more routine cases, visits are performed the next  available day, either before morning surgery (i.e.8:00 am),before afternoon surgery (1:00 pm - 2:00 pm), or after evening surgery (after 7:00pm)

Home visits will usually attract a higher fee in order to offset travel expenses and the extra time involved. The  fee is $120 for private patientsand a gap fee of $20 for pensioners.

In keeping with the philosophy of the practice, the partners are involved in continuous post-graduate medical education, so that the most up-to-date management is maintained.


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Appointments can be made by calling 33516444. Please ask for longer appointments for matters requiring more than the usual attention. Fees are higher, but the refunds from Medicare increase proportionately.

Musculoskeletal appointments most require longer consultations.  Initial appointments for new patients with musculoskeletal issues will usually require 45 mins.