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Robina 7 Day GP Doctors & Acupuncture Bulk Bill


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Contact Phone 1:  55 80 80 70 Phone 2:  55 80 80 70 Fax:  0755809412 Email: click here
Opening Hours Mon: 7am - 6pm Tue: 7am - 6pm Wed: 7am - 6pm Thu: 7am - 6pm Fri: 7am - 6pm Sat: 7:30am - 4pm Sun: 7:30am - 4pm After Hours & Emergency

Robina 7 Day Doctors Bulk Bill  & Acupuncture Bulk Bill  Ph 55 80 80 70





MON- FRI   7.00 AM  to  6:00 PM

SAT   8:00 AM TO 4:00  PM 

SUN   7:30 AM TO 4:00  PM 


PUBLIC HOLIDAY  8.00 AM - 12.00 PM

Please click on the link for a virtual tour of our Practice and location:


Location :  2 Waterfront Place, Robina CBD,  

( Located on the round a bout Between the Robina Hospital & Robina Town Centre,  )

+ 7 Day  Good Price Pharmacy Warehouse Ph 55 62 1966  from 8:30 am

Our group of  GP & GP Acupuncture Doctors, have been serving Australian community for over 30 years.  Director  Dr Charles Wu was contracted by  the Dept of Prime Minister, Canberra, for GP /Acupuncture Service to Prime Minister Bob Hawke .

We aim to serve our Community in Robina and Gold Coast,  QML Pathology tests, Dietitian and  Psychologist on site.

7 Day GP Bulk Bill &  7 Day Acupuncture Bulk Bill Medical Centre, 

General Practice Bulk Bill & Acupuncture Bulk Bill  -

LADY DRs:  Leela, Iram, Gillian, Galina

MALE DRs: WU, Laurence,  Paul, Sai


Women & Children Health Dr Iram  Dr Leela Dr Gillian Dr Galina Dr Sai

Skin Cancer Check up - Dr Leela  Dr Gillian  

Acupuncture    Dr Wu  Dr Iram Dr Leela  Dr Laurence  Dr Galina  Dr Paul

IVF Support- All Doctors

Fertility Assistance- All Doctors

Weight Loss- All Doctors

Stop Smoking- All Doctors

Fibromyalgia- All Doctors


Most pain conditions- All Doctors   

Headaches, Facial Pain, Neuralgia,  Tinnitus, Neck, Frozen Shoulder, Rotator Cuff Shoulder condition, Fibromyalgia,   Tennis Elbow, RSI, Tendonitis Arthritis in Joints Hands, Low Back, Sciatica, Knee Pains, Archilles Tendonitis, Shin Splints, Plantar Fascitis, Foot Spurs, Peripheral Neuropathy, Restless Legs.

Work related injuries , Sports Injuries,  MVA Whip Lashes, Weight loss, Stop Smoking, Anxiety, Depression, Insomnia, Fertility, Menopause, Hormonal Balance, Chronic Fatigue.Insomnia, Stress,  Sinus, Hay Fever,  Fertility IVF Support, Weight Loss, Stop smoking.


Please note:  we do NOT do acupuncture during pregnancy

Bulk Bill is our usual billing method by our Doctors, that is no cash payment needed, except few conditions listed below.


Only consultations involving a GAP  Cash Payment :

1. Pap Smear $75 with Medicare rebate / IUD insertion $100 with medicare rebate. Hormone Implant insertion  $50

2. Skin Laceration Suture $50 week days, $120 weekends and  Skin Cancer Surgery from $50.

3. Long GP Consultation on weekends $120.

4. Non Medicare forms and medicals or insurance forms are privately billed.

5. Ingrown toenail removal $150.

Practice News


This practice is fully accredited with Australian GP AGPAL Family Practice Accreditation.       

We remain Bulk Bill with No Co-Payment and $0 charge for standard GP and Acupuncture visits 7 Days.

Please update with us,  if you have any Concession Cards, Health Care Card,         Pension Card, or Vet Affairs Cards. This is important for us to keep same Bulk Bill.