Fees and Billing


Payment Of Accounts

Standard Consultation:
$32.00 If paying in full at time of visit.
$34.95 Gap payment of $12.00 (Rebate of $22.95)
$37.50 If taking account

Review of acute illness: } $28.00 (Rebate plus $5.00
2nd Family member seen: }
Immunisation and consultation:$32.00
Normal fees will apply for a more complex visit and extra time needs to be arranged at time of booking appointment.


Pensioners, Shared Care and chronically ill patients will be Bulk Billed upon presentation of Medicare Card.
Immunisation ONLY will be Bulk Billed.
3rd Family member seen at same time will be Bulk Billed.

HEALTHCARE CARD HOLDERS ARE NOT AUTOMATICALLY BULK BILLED. Please discuss this with your doctor if you have financial difficulties and a low charge can be arranged.