Highclere Family Medical Practice



Medical services available at Highclere Family Medical Practice include:

 Family Medicine - all aspects of general practice

 Emergency Medicine – including suturing, ECG, wound dressing

 Childrens Health – All paediatric care including immunisation & assessments

 Family Planning – contraception advice, pregnancy testing & counselling

 Life & Health Promotion – Weight control, smoking cessation, diabetes, asthma, ECG,       travel advice and vaccinations, skin cancer screening, prostate and cervical cancer             screening

 Womens Health – Antenatal care, pap smears and advice & menopause

 Medical Examinations – for pre-employment, Workers Compensation,  Motor Vehicle         Accident, x-ray & ECG

 Counselling – for personal, relationship and sexual problems

 Acupuncture – traditional Chinese acupuncture for persistent pain, muscle/joint problems   and spinal tension

• Intravenous Iron Infusions - for iron deficiency anaemia

 Dermatological Surgery – skin biopsies, removal of abnormal moles and skin lumps,         cryotherapy of warts and sun spots

 Mens Health – checks for blood pressure, urine, cholesterol & skin checks. Prostate cancer    screening, lifestyle advice and vaccination

 Elderly (from age 70) –yearly checkups including blood pressure, urine testing and skin      cancer checks

 Cultural background and emergency contacts - patients encouraged to advise GP of           cultural background to tailor care for them. Patients are asked to advise the practice of     their emergency contact in case of an urgent situation.

• Online appointment booking

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