Adelaide Private Menopause Clinic

Policies and Appointments



Presently appointments are made during surgery hours by telephone or by visiting reception at the Consulting Rooms. Appointments can also be made through my website (

Duration of visit

Normal first visit durations are for 45 minutes and for routine follow up consultation, 15 minutes. If you require a longer visit, please make this clear at booking. Longer consultations will be charged at a higher rate.


An urgent or critical problem will be attended to without delay. This may include the rare necessity to open the Rooms at the weekend to deal with an emergency. Patients recently operated on, who develop a problem will be seen at the Rooms or in the Hospital. The mobile telephone number (0407 729 407) is available 24 hours per day to pick up emergency calls.

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If you require any further information or details relating to your care, please ask the reception staff. We have a comprehensive range of literature and videos available to you. If you need more detailed information, an appointment should be made with Dr Jones. Consultations by EMAIL or by TELEPHONE can be undertaken but a fee may be charged for this.

A referral from your doctor is required for you to obtain a rebate payment from Medicare. The provision of this is your responsibility. If there is no current valid referral, you can obtain a rebate at only the General Practice rate. A referral from a General Practitioner normally lasts 12 months but your doctor can provide an \"ongoing or lifetime\" referral. A referral from a Specialist will only be valid for 3 months.

This is not a bulkbilling practice. All fees are payable on the day of consultation. You can pay by cash, cheque or credit card. There will usually be gap payments for services rendered.

The cost of hormone implants may be partially reimbursed by some Private Health Funds. This provision tends to change from time to time.

The cost of surgical procedures will be quoted at the time of booking your hospital admission. If you believe you are significantly disadvantaged, this expense is negotiable. You will be given a \"financial consent\" that you will be asked to sign. Any costs incurred in recovering debts are payable by the patient.

We subscribe to the various \"no gaps\" schemes that have been introduced. This is a contract between your insurer and myself for a single operative procedure. There is \'no gap billing\' for this arrangement and so the patient is not asked to contribute a cash payment under this arrangement.

Repeat prescriptions should be provided by your GP and not by Dr Jones unless they are issued as part of a consultation.

The time provision for a first consultation is 45 minutes. \'Follow up\' consultations should require 15 minutes. If you anticipate that you will require more time (long consultation), please advise at the time of booking.

This is not a practice with rigid rules. Please feel free to discuss any of these or other organisational details.