DoctorDoctor Melbourne completes Patient Feedback Survey

16 August 2019

August 2019

DoctorDoctor VIC has completed CFEP patient survey in preparation for upcoming reaccreditation . 95% of all patient ratings about our service were rated Good, Very Good or Excellent.

Survey results were pleasing and showed general improvement on the results collected at our last accreditation 3 years ago.


  1. 85% of patients were satisfied with the after hours service provided, up from 80% in 2016


  2. 83% felt they were greeted warmly by representatives of our service, up from 77% in 2016


  3. 88% felt they were respected by representatives of our service, up from 81% in 2016


  4. 81% of patients believed explanations and reassurance given was beneficial, up from 76% in 2016


    *** Overall 86% of patients were satisfied with the care received by our service, up from 80% in 2016 ***


General comments .


The results of our most recent survey indicate that patient's, while satisfied with the service we provide, would like to see a greater number of doctors working with our service and a reduction in the time taken to see a doctor. Some commented that our work to provide an ETA, whether via the doctor personally or through our App was beneficial. In response to address the doctor workforce issues, DoctorDoctor is working through its membership of the GP Deputising Association to engage with the Department  of Health at a workshop to be held in Canberra in September 2019.  

Feedback relating to our customer service has been generally positive in regard to the empathy and understanding shown to patients. However as there were a small number of comments requesting greater empathy and as this is a core value of our business, our  Call Centre & Client Services Manager along with the Operations Manager will emphasie the importance of this once again with our staff and doctors.  Feedback results have been shared with all of the DoctorDoctor team  to instil pride in the good work done and importantly to share feedback on where we need to improve.