GP Services Available

Beecroft Family Practice provides an extensive list of services which include:

General Practice:


-COPD and Respiratory Medicine

-Cardiovasular disease and management;


-Renal and liver disease;

-Common bowel conditions;-IBS; Crohn's; Coeliac


-Thyroid disease;

-Anti coagulation management;

-Bowel screening;

-Smoking cessation;

-Weight management;


Women's Health

  1. -PAP smear and Breast screening;

    -Menopause management; osteoporosis;

    -Implanon insertion;

    -Mirena removal;

    -Family planning and contraception;

    -Pregnancy counselling and GP antenatal shared care.


    Children's Health:


    -Anaphylaxis and allergy management;

    -Childhood rashes and dermatology;

    -Common childhood illnesses;

    -Asthma care;

    -Development and behavioural problems;

    -Baby checks and 4 year old Health assessments


  2. Men's Health

    -Well men' s checks;

    -Prostate cancer screening;

    -Continence and urination problems;

    -Hormone abnormalities;

    -Skin cancer checks;

    -Hair loss


    Pre-employment and company medicals


    Minor Surgery:

    -Cryogenic therapy;

    -Skin cancer management;

    -Scar and cyst management;

    -Joint injections


    Dermatology and skin cancer checks

    -skin cancer checks

    -skin cancer diagnosis

    -skin cancer management


    Asthma and Diabetic Assessments

  7.  -diagnosis and management

    -asthma and diabetic care plans

    Mental Health;

    -Depression and anxiety management;

    -Stress management;  

    -Mental care plans 

  8. Health Assessments:

    -Chronic Disease Management,

    -Health Assessment (+75 Year Olds), Diabetic Screening Assessments, Health Assessments (45 - 49 Year Olds)

    Travel Medicine


    -Travel Vaccinations and general advice

Dermatology and skin cancer checks

Dr Gupta has a special interest in Dermatology and skin cancer diagnosis and its management

  • -Skin cancer checks
  • -Skin cancer medicice
  • -Psoriasis
  • -Dermatitis
  • -Acne
  • -Cosmetic Medicine