Policies and Appointments

Mission Statement

This practice is committed to providing comprehensive continuing general practice care to all individuals and families in this community. All doctors at this practice have an active commitment to continuing medical education and quality assurance.



The goal of the doctors and staff of Canning Medical Centre is to provide:



• The best medical care for patients incorporating best practice principals, up to date knowledge and technological advances



• The best service for patients through awareness of individual health and social requirements, respect for the patients as people and confidentiality for any information gained



• The best working conditions for doctors and staff through mutual respect and awareness individually of personal and social requirements.




Rights and Needs of Patients

RIGHTS AND NEEDS OF PATIENTS The following Charter of Patient Rights has been endorsed by the Canning Medical Centre. This charter has been adapted from the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners Standards for General Practices 2nd Edition. It has been endorsed by all doctors and staff in the practice. DISCRIMINATION All doctors and practice support staff at the practice shall provide respectful care at all times and under all circumstances with recognition of patients' personal dignity, regardless of sex, age, religion, ethnicity, sexual preference or medical condition.


PATIENT PRIVACY Patients shall be interviewed and examined in surroundings designed to ensure privacy. Discussion or consultation involving patients shall be conducted discreetly. PATIENT CONFIDENTIALITY All doctors and practice support staff at the practice shall ensure the confidentiality of all patients' personal health information is maintained in accordance with the RACGP Code of Practice for the Management of Health Information in General Practice.


PATIENT REFUSAL OF TREATMENT OR ADVICE Doctors at the practice acknowledge the right of patients to refuse any treatment, advice or procedure. Refusal may not absolve the treating doctor of the duty of trying to ensure the patient's continuing care through appropriate referral to other providers.


SECOND OPINION All doctors acknowledge and, if requested, facilitate the right of patients to seek a further opinion.


TRANSFER OF CARE All doctors acknowledge the right of patients to transfer their care to another doctor in the same practice or in another practice. Similarly, the treating doctor has the right to discontinue treatment of a patient. If requested, the practice shall assist the patient to find another doctor.


PATIENT FEEDBACK The practice shall acknowledge and respond appropriately to patient complaints and feedback.

Privacy Policy

At the Canning Medical Centre your privacy and the privacy of your personal information is very important to us. Our Doctors and Receptionits will always be honest and open in their dealings with you and will only collect information that is necessary for us to provide quality medical care. Any personal information that we do collect, we keep strictly confidential and it can only be accessed by authorised staff within the Canning Medical Centre. The Canning Medical Centre keeps, maintains and uses personal information in accordance with the 10 National Privacy Principles contained in the Privacy ACT. Our organisation respects the right of individuals to access their own personal information. Other third parties, who need your personal information to provide a legitimate service, are bound by terms in their contracts to ensure your personal information remains protected at all times.

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Appointments are normally made at 15 minutes intervals, so you can usually be with the doctor 10 to 15 minutes.  If you need a longer appointment, please discuss this with the receptionist prior to making an appointment. Although we do encourage appointments to be made by phone, via the internet (http://healthengine.com.au) or in person, we will endeavour to fit in patients who present at the surgery without an appointment, if the matter is urgent.  Patients need to be aware however, that if this does occur, the wait time may be a lengthy one.                                                                                       


Please note children will always be seen with or without an appointment, providing it’s urgent.


We need at least 24 hours cancellation notice. If you miss an appointment without informing us you will be charged a $20 Missed Appointment Fee.