Policies and Appointments


HOME VISITS Home visits can be made if necessary. It is preferable to be seen at the surgery if possible, as all the equipment is at hand. If requesting a home visit , please discuss with the receptionist. She may ask the doctor to speak to you to clarify the details of the problem. LUNCHTIME is the time preferred in most cases, so a call during the morning allows us to plan each doctor\'s activities.

REFERRALS AND REPEAT PRESCRIPTIONS In most cases an appointment is needed to discuss the problem and review management.

AFTER HOURS CARE SYDNEY MEDICAL SERVICES offer bulkbilled house calls from 6pm - 7am on all days. Details of the homevisit will be forwarded to us by the next day. Please phone 8724 6300

CENTAHEALTH AFTER HOURS operates until 7pm weekdays, 9pm on Thursdays and until 5pm Saturdays. This is located at Menai Marketplace on the first floor. Phone 9532 1166,or 9541 2600. We receive information about the details of your treatment if you attend there.

PHONE CALLS If you wish to speak to one of the doctors your call will be returned in between consultations or at the end of the session.

Please give details to the receptionist who will forward the message to the doctor.

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APPOINTMENTS are required in most cases.

Appointments start from 8am, with the last appointment on weekdays at 5.45pm.

These appointments are at 15 minute intervals.

LONGER APPPOINTMENTS are available on request. Please ask for a longer appointment if you have a difficult problem or multiple problems.

URGENT PROBLEMS can be seen without an appointment in most cases. These include such things as injuries, lacerations, chest pain or severe asthma. It would still be most helpful to facilitate your treatment, in these situations,if you could ring before coming to the surgery.

Our receptionists are on duty from 7.30am to take your call.

If you have preference of a PARTICULAR DOCTOR, please indicate this.

If you are UNABLE TO KEEP AN APPOINTMENT please ring . This allows us to give that time to someone else.