Skin checks for skin cancers

24 March 2016


Skin check and Sun safety

 Get a skin check and maintain sun safety, even in winter. It may be in the middle of winter but it is not a bad idea to see your doctor for a skin check – especially if you have:

  •  -Family history of melanoma
  • -You have type 1 skin (fair haired and blue eyes; red haired) that burns very easily even with minimal exposure to sunlight.
  • -History of Blistering sunburns
  • -History of Sun-bed or sun tanning booths
  • -Previous history of skin cancers including melanoma
  • -More than 50 moles
  • -Occupations that expose you to prolonged periods of sun-light
  • -You are immunosuppressed or taking certain -Immunosuppressive medications.
  • Your last skin check was greater than 2 yrs.



  1.  In Australia skin cancer is more common than all other cancers combined
  2. Skin cancers will affect 1 in 2 Australians in their lifetime

  3. More than 12,000 cases of new melanomas were detected and treated in 2012


    So for Peace of mind, please ring 9484 4788 to make an appointment to have a skin check.